Clarke Dolliver


Week 9

Review from my mother:

"Regarding the usability of your website: On the contact page you ask for today's date and give an example. When I enter today's date it inserts instead of overwrites. I'm not sure the comments I wrote on the contact page actually sent. I LOVE the home page picture."

Week 7

Accessibility Test - CynthiaSays found 1 issue with my site. I specify a foreground (text) color, but I do not specify a background color. This can make my site hard to read if a user agent is set to create color contrasts. I could not figure out how to solve this problem - I have a background color set for my body but I also have a background image overriding that. I tried making a background color for the div container but that overrode my background image.

HTML Test - Received this error:

Image of HTML error

However, I could not find this error in any of my coding...???

CSS Test - 2 errors received. One for my header said: "Value Error : padding px is not a padding value : px" and the other for nav a:link, nav a:visited said: " Property text-weight doesn't exist : bold"

I was able to fix both.